Live Raw

Raw food… Probably one of the harder transitions I’ve been trying to make, but it’s been fun! I’ve been checking out several cookbooks available and Live Raw by Mimi Kirk is one of my favorites. She gives tons of cool tips for healthy living along with awesome recipes. Many of the raw cookbooks out there have too many ingredients that most of us don’t really have on hand, at first. Mimi has quite a few recipes that are easier raw meals to make with less mysterious ingredients. I mean unless you’re raw or vegan you don’t normally see nutritional yeast in someone’s kitchen.
Why go raw?
Think about food as energy. The more your food is cooked the less energy it has, and you are what you eat. Raw food is uncooked, unprocessed, and organic. Heating your food above 118 degrees kills or “cooks” out many of the essential vitamins, minerals and most importantly enzymes, which helps our bodies absorb important nutrients, and protect and cleanse us of toxins. Eating raw improves health in extraordinary ways. I’ve known people who fight cancer with a raw food diet! It controls weight, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and many more health benefits. All in all, we want to nourish our bodies with the most nutrient rich food and what better than it being fresh, raw, and uncooked! Learn more about eating raw here

Check out Mimi’s cookbook on amazon (or borrow it from the library!)



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