Cashew Gelato to Die For!

20130130-073443.jpgCASHEWTOPIA- My new favorite secret pleasure! Organic, free of dairy, soy, gluten, refined sugar, trans fat, and very low in saturated fat! ¬†Check it out at Whole Foods or other Natural Foods stores. ūüôā Check them out online at¬†

Happy Wednesday!!!




nutrition_0610_MC nutrition_0610_VAN


Irish oatmeal with the works!

20130118-121519.jpgSteel cut Irish oatmeal with the works.

– steel cut Irish oats
– honey or agave nectar
– chopped walnuts
– dried apricots
– raisins
– dried cranberries
– cacao nibs
– dash cinnamon

Dangers of talc/baby powder and a health alternative!

20130117-230356.jpgFor years, I’ve used Johnson & Johnson baby powder for all sorts of things; in shoes for clammy feet, cosmetic uses, deodorant, on your sheets when it’s hot in the summer, and my favorite use is on oily hair. ¬†Whenever I don’t have time to rewash my hair before a meeting, I throw some baby powder in my hair to dry out my roots. ¬†I’m not sure if I’m the last one to hear about this or not but baby powder/ talcum powder is pretty gnarly.

“Now we have another study (published in the¬†Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention¬†journal) that shows that women who use¬†talcum powder¬†around their genital areas are 40% more likely to develop ovarian cancer. The study led by Dr Maggie Gates of Harvard Medical School analyzed 3,000 women. The risk of ovarian cancer for those who used talcum powder once a week was found to be 36%, while those using it every day the risk went up to 41%.” ¬†{This is cited from the link below}


Learn more: article

Learn more: Huffinton Post

The bottom line is; switch to Organic Cornstarch.  Above is a picture of my old baby powder bottle that I emptied out and refilled with organic cornstarch.  Go talc free and make sure to check the ingredients on other cosmetics as many powders contain talc.

Maca me!

MACA ROOTMerry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ¬†2013 can you believe it?!?! ¬†Well we all made it past the end of the Mayan calendar! Everyday is a blessing so let’s start the new year with some super foods!

If you have been reading about the smoothies I’ve been making, you’ll notice one of my favorite ingredients “Maca.” ¬†Maca comes from the Andean Mountains in Peru and Bolivia. ¬†It has been used for hundreds of years to produce energy, balance the endocrine system, immune support, sexual libido, and aids in reproductive support. ¬†Maca is an amazing superfood for those of you feeling a bit sluggish after the holidays. ¬†You can get raw maca powder at health food stores and start adding into your daily green smoothies for healthy immune systems. ¬†Check out this site for more info and let me know what you think when you try it!